Marketing Strategy & Performance Measurement
Driving Visitors to your website is a reasonable goal... but this is a small part of any marketing strategy.

Increasing Website Traffic
There are a variety of techniques and services that can help get visitors to your site. The trick is determining what is cost effective, and putting it in the context of your overall business goal.

A marketing plan can be created, based on reasonable judgment and past experience. It can include a variety of media, including:

  • website ads
  • directory listings
  • search engine placement
  • "word of mouth" campaigns
  • magazine and newspaper
  • (e)newsletters and (e)mailings
  • billboard
  • television
  • conferences

Where it gets interesting is determining what part of the strategy is working. We wonder how many fortunes have been built on the fact that it is extremely difficult to measure.

When it comes to Marketing on the Internet...
We Look Before You Leap!

We can assist you in developing an effective marketing plan. We've formed revenue sharing partnerships with a number of our clients, which ultimately means our earnings depend on how well we deliver.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies
Along came the Internet, and with it came high expectations for targeted marketing and measurable results. The good news is that much of its promise is actually true. Even better news (although many wouldn't agree!) is that all that sophisticated marketing still can't substitute for a good product.

We offer a number of services to help determine how to improve your business performance. We've created some sophisticated modules for our websites to measure marketing effectiveness including:

  • Identifying the referring source of purchases (not just of overall visits) so you know exactly how your customers found you
  • "Real time" product sales graphs
  • Simple questionaires integrated into ecommerce sites

This is just a few examples of tools to help fill the gaps left by traditional website statistics.

We combine all the fundamental website statistics with our own "tailor-made" data — and for each element of your marketing campaign we can answer the question once and for all:
"Hey, is this thing working?"

Adjusting Website Strategies
Making your product better is your business, but helping you make your website more effective is ours. We can determine what areas can be improved to convert your visitors to customers, and bring your customers back for more.

Keeping Customers Satisfied
Your website is one of the most effective tools for building your relationship with your customers. A number of services can be used to keep your customers' interest and loyalty, such as special offers, newsletters, and free items to download from your website.

Product Development
We also offer sophisticated tools for recommending new products based on information gathered from the Internet, coupled with your sales experience.

Contact us to discuss your marketing goals. We can help you use the Internet to meet them.

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