In this technologically diverse era, audiences are bombarded with information: the challenge is to create a well focused message, and to convey the message effectively through the right combination of media applications.

Satisfying... and rarely found on the Internet!
USER is in control, engaged - experience is like a browse through their favorite specialty store, or a walking tour of a country during vacation.
• spacious
• rhythmic
• smooth download
• easy to read
• focused
• clear
• organized
• engaging
• relevant
• sound used sparingly to enhance interaction
Not So Satisfying... but unfortunately, all too common.
Does it have to be this way?
User is subjected to an unpleasant media blitz - experience is like shopping in a crowded department store, waiting in long lines, and being harangued by salesmen!
• crowded
• full of pop-up ads
• busy, blinking
• slow download
• small, hard to read
• no focal point
• chaotic, scattered
• hard to find
• irrelevant
• loud, pointless music

Help us make the world-wide-web a better place. Contact us about your project, and tell us about your ideal web site. We can help you create it the way you want it (no matter how much our web programmers complain).

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