Graphic Sound and Vision evolved from a fusion of Internet technology and graphic arts. Graphic Sound and Vision is a consortium of expertise based on partnerships with leading marketing companies, and associations with independent artists and programmers.

The owner and founder, David Schmitz, has managed projects ranging from critical control room systems, financial prediction modeling, automated mapping, finite element analysis and dynamic data applications. He was involved in developing online applications with Desmark International, Inc. when the World Wide Web was in its early stages, and Active Server Page (ASP) technology (which allowed Web pages to be created "on the fly" using a database) was first introduced by Microsoft. Now, as Internet technology continues to evolve, Graphic Sound and Vision adapts the latest advances to serve the needs of its clients.

Based in Manhattan, we draw on vast experience in marketing, graphic design, copy-writing, illustration, website design, programming, public relations, network systems, database design, and sound recording.

We've worked in Fortune 500 Companies. We know business.

Our "corporate" structure is based on creating a service team that exactly fits the needs of your project — avoiding the inefficiencies that plague "20th century" corporations. Our partners are often given a stake in our projects, providing strong incentive for quality performance. This is, after all, the land of opportunity.

You won't have our overhead hanging over your head.

E-mail us today with an overview of your project. We can outline your requirements and the expertise needed. The focus will be on your business needs, and finding the right media for your message. (Don't be shy — no project is too big or too small.)

Note: If you are interested in partnering with Graphic Sound and Vision or one of our affiliated companies, please click here!

Someday the entire business world will be structured this way...

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