Samples of Music from the GRAPHIC SOUND AND VISION vaults: streaming audio formats for RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.

MP3 Format with no streaming.
(Best for slow connections.)

Real Media (click to download):
Windows Media (click to download):
Soundtracks/Themes/Melodies — with a smattering of unusual.
FlyingGroove (336K)
BadTalkingArp (870K)
Searing-POP (313K)
Grooves to create a unique mood.
Intros/Fanfare/Transitions — some lush and striking sounds.


All Music copyright © 2000-2002 Graphic
Sound and Vision. All rights reserved.

These great sounds were created using musical equipment by Waldorf, Terratec,Yamaha, Line6, KeyFax, Mackie, Shure, Blue Chip, Crown, Tannoy, and Roland, among others. Graphic Sound and Vision would like to acknowledge Future Music Magazine and Big Fish Audio for various and sundry musical samples used on several of the musical compositions.

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 Copyright © 2000-2006 Graphic Sound and Vision. All rights reserved. Copyright Notice