Turn the sound OFF on your TV. flick from channel to channel. Welcome to the Internet!

What's wrong here? Well, audio media needs bandwidth, and bandwidth is still at a premium. But, watching the Sound of Music with no sound can't work either. [See Media Round-up — the "Six Senses" of media]. There are answers. Compressed audio (MP3) and MIDI, which uses very, very small files. The problem with MIDI is it requires a sound synthesizer — but now software synthesizers are readily available, and some of them actually sound pretty good (as opposed to bleeps and blips). So the world wide web is more or less ready for sound, but is it willing and able? Graphic Sound and Vision approaches sound with restrained enthusiasm.

The Scratch'n'Listen approach is to provide sonic feedback to the viewer's interactions. Take the Graphic Sound and Vision Scratch'n'Listen Tour and you can answer YES to the question "Are You Experienced?" *


Let your visitor control the sound — always provide a big OFF button if you absolutely must play the Theme From Shaft ** on your website.
( * / ** — With apologies to Isaac Hayes and Jimi Hendrix )
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