Whether your needs are humble, such as gathering a mailing list or running a small online shop to complement your business, or more elaborate such as a highly trafficked site with interfaces to mainframe inventories, we can develop a web-based data solution for you.

The two most common solutions used currently are provided by employing Microsoft SQL Server for larger tasks, and a desktop application such as Microsoft Access for smaller databases. (Bill Gates sure does get around, doesn't he?) The good news is just about any data these days can be ported into an ODBC database (Open Data Base Connectivity - the key word here being Open) such as MS Access, MS SQL Server, dBase, Oracle, and DB2 to name a few.

What does this mean to you? We'll provide the data solution that fits your needs and your budget. You'll have your arms around that wonderful data you've been craving in no time!

SQL. ODBC. Multithreading. ADO. We can give you all the techie-speak with only half the Calories.

Security is an integral part of any database solution. All data is stored on secure servers backed up frequently. Access to data is via encrypted connections.


Yes, we can get to your data - even if it was put there in 1972. (Sorry, we didn't mean to bring up 1972)

We can provide a simple or multi-tiered back end for your database on a custom built website. So mailing lists can be checked, inventory updated, searches made, and order status fulfilled via an internet connection with no special software requirements.

We can also handle more complex situations, such as geographically based data, dynamic data, and image libraries. Contact us to discuss solutions to your business needs.



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